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EGON VAN HERREWEGHE 1985 Gent (Belgium)

2014-2015 Post-graduateprogram, HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts), Ghent
2008-2009 Master of Research in Art & Design, Sint Lucas, Antwerp
2004-2008 Master Degree in Visual Arts, Photography Department KASK, Ghent


Heidi’s Delight, The Stable, Waregem-pdf
Ideal Husband, Jan Colle Gallery, Gent-pdf
Neo Nostalgia, Homesession, Barcelona
The Fortune Teller, Jeff’s CafĆ©, Merksem-pdf
Now Plums Burst With Ripeness, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels
Paintings and Sculpture, FOAM, Amsterdam-pdf
Always a thief and never caught, Netwerk, Aalst-pdf
Unfinished unraveling, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Ghent
Until anything memorable might appear, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Ghent
Between reference and regret, studio presentation, Ghent
A Strange Glance, studio presentation, Antwerp


Every Letter is a Love Letter, Tallinn Art Hall-pdf
And no matter that the phone is ringing, Moscow Biƫnnale
The Catwalk, Komplot, Brussel
A Set of Lines, A Stack of Paper, Karst Projects, Plymouth, UK
Fallen from Grace, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk
Possibly belonging to third parties, Vooruitzicht, Antwerp
Subject to the Abstract, Gallery van der Mieden, Brussels
Garden of Multiple Appearances, TTTT, Ghent
Elective Affinities 2, De Zondvloed, Mechelen
From archive to book – SI Fest, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy
Blow up photography, The photocopy club, London
Birds Of A Feather Flock Together, CC Strombeek, Brussels
Input/Output, De Bond, Bruges
Sugary photographs with tricks poses and effects, Time to meet, Antwerp


FOAM, Amsterdam, NL
Frederic De Goldschmidt, B
Collectie Sanders, NL