Zarah Hussain biography

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ZARAH HUSSAIN °1980 UK, lives and works in London

2001 Bachelor of English Literature and History from the University of Manchester
2004 Master of Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

Oldham Art Gallery (upcoming 2020)
London Borough of Culture (upcoming 2019)
Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels (upcoming 2018)
Barbican Art Centre, London
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Araam: Breathing Space, Mid Pennine Arts, UK
Cartwright Hall Gallery, Bradford, UK

Numina’, commissioned by The Barbican Center, London
‘Sharjah Spectrum’, commissioned by Sharjah Art Museum to make an interactive digital animation, UAE
‘Magic Carpet’ outdoor light projection on the William Morris Gallery, London, commissioned by CREATE and Artillery
Indoor installation, commissioned by Sotheby’s.
Vital Arts for The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London
25 shop shutters in Barking, commissioned by Design for London and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Maraya Art Centre, UAE
Expedia, UK
Paintings in Hospitals, UK
Oldham Art Gallery, UK
Cartwright Hall Museum and Art Gallery, UK
Rochdale Touchstones Gallery, UK
The Prince’s Foundation, UK