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Hopstreet Gallery

Current exhibitions


Beaufort'24 Triennial by the Belgian Coast
Sara Bjarland

Monobloc Moments

27.03 - 03.11.2024

BEAUFORT24 presents works by 18 international artists and Sara Bjarland was commissioned to make a permanent artwork for De Haan - Wenduine. The work consists of a large bronze sculpture and is the artist's first public artwork.

Curated by Els Wuyts


Hamburger Kunsthalle
Thorsten Brinkmann

Salon Livresque


After 10 years in a collectors house, the "Salon Livresque" is moving to the Hamburger Kunsthalle. There, the entire room will be rebuilt and will be part of the ISA MONA LISA exhibition, which opens on 18 October 2024. The Hamburger Kunsthalle will now present this installation to all visitors and it will become part of the collection.