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Upcoming exhibitions

  • Julie Cockburn Brussels

    ‘Same but Different’

    05.11 - 23.12.2023

    Opening Sunday 5 November, 14:00-19:00

    Cockburn is well-known for her altered found photographs, immaculately crafted with hand embroidery, using a graphic visual language to bring the displaced photographs from their past into the present.

    In ‘Same but Different’, Cockburn continues to add to the ongoing series she has been working on for decades, revisiting her motifs of dancing dots, masks, and concentric circles, exploring themes of similarity both within each series and within the individual works themselves. Those themes include generic landscapes, formal portraits and full body poses. “I’m on a quest for perfection in the execution I guess,” she says, “Using repetition and precision in order to articulate more clearly something inside me that I’m forever attempting to make manifest”.

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