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Mona Ardeleanu *



As source material, Mona Ardeleanu employs fragments of patterns, textiles, colours, and shapes that she first sketches and then finishes through an organic, additive process of painting. This expands the initial drawings into an image of ever-greater complexity and detail, which hover over their, at first glance, monochrome backgrounds. However all her backgrounds are built in many thin layers, creating a special aura for each of her pieces by using a similar colour pallett for every series.

Building images in layers, Ardeleanu takes a sculptural approach to her paintings, using the visual vocabulary of the everyday to produce invented objects with a mysterious, intangible quality.

Mona Ardeleanu’s (°1984, DE) works are represented in renowned collections such as the Collection Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany; Collection MARTa Herford, Germany; WÜRTH Collection, Germany; Collection of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany; LBBW Collection, Germany; Staff Collection, Lemgo, Germany

Studied Painting with Prof. Alexander Roob, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Guest semesters
2004-2005 Franz Ackermann, Karlsruhe
2008-2009 Daniel Richter, Vienna
2009 Karin Kneffel, Munich

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