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Grand Cru

Egon Van Herreweghe


11.11 - 19.12.2020


Installation views

Press release

Egon Van Herreweghe – Grand Cru 11.11 – 19.12.2020

The best wines combine tradition with innovation. That is precisely what Egon Van Herreweghe demonstrates with his new exhibition Grand Cru.

Van Herreweghe selected 11 rare Grands Crus at an online auction. The exhibition consists of an installation of 11 barite photos tucked inside wine crates. The images have not been fixed, so they are sensitive to light. As a result, the photo will slowly turn black once the crate is opened. The artist has made four editions and one artist proof of each of the 11 works of art.

The Grand Cru photo series confronts collectors with the desire to enjoy the contents. What happens if you can only discover the work once? And why would you keep a crate if you’ve never seen its contents?

The artist invites the viewer to play an active part in a story of frivolity versus preservation. The owner will have to decide whether to save the wine for later or to open the crate straight away.

Van Herreweghe creates installations in which he scrutinises the impact of advertising on our lifestyle. He breaks the myth of the ‘artistic genius’ by copying everyday products. The result of his work is often both witty and shocking. Examples include a wooden living room for millennials, metres-high lingerie and screen prints made from coffee, in honour of George Clooney.